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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look Foreword...Not Backwards; Pressing Towards the Mark

"Yes I can! Yes I can!" Say it loud and say it proud! You want to try and stay encouraged when you are running this race called life. Can't nobody stop you and nobody will stop you, unless it's you!

Many people tend to say that we can learn from our past mistakes and learn from the past and that's true. But what we need to keep in mind is that we also need to move foreword and not let the things in our past lives stop us from succeeding in the future. God gave us all the strength to keep running until we reach the end of our journey. Philippians 3:13 clearly states "..Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead."

In other words, we have to keep pressing on towards the mark and make the best of things in our life. God has placed trials and tribulations in our life and situations that can be above our heads, but by believing in Him and remaining strong, we can get through anything and any obstacle that are thrown at us.

The next time you are going through a tough situation and you feel like giving up, just stop and ask yourself this question: "What is my purpose in life? What has God intended for me to do while living on this Earth?." Remember that God has already prepared and planned your every footstep you take to your next destination.

So just keep pressing on towards the prize. Leave what's in the past in the past and start focusing on the goodness of God. Just put your faith and trust in Him and the rest will fall in place.

"Keep pressing on towards the prize"

Monday, September 20, 2010

A love that will never end

How long should it really take to find a true love? a love that will stay and never leave? Many people always wonder when the right person will come along. It's all about having patience and the desire to love the person God will place in our lives. It's always said that a male should go and look for their mate while females have to sit and wait for months or sometimes year for Mr. Right to come along. But why can't females go out and find their other half. In today's society, there are females that are brave enough to go up to a guy and try to figure out what they are all about. It's nothing wrong with that, but we as females must be careful not to chase the wrong guy and end up feeling miserable.

I believe that once you find that right person, you should definitely keep them! Maybe one day the two of you will get married! What qualities are important when getting into a relationship? Looks aren't everything, but its what the other person has to offer as far as great personality and/or if they are mature. But two of the most qualities are communication and honesty.

Yeah we all want someone that can communicate well. Also who wants to be with someone who lies all the time? It all comes with trust and being secure in a relationship. Wherever true love is, it has a purpose/reason to be in your life. Some people tend to fall in love easy and others take longer to discover if the person they are dating is true love.

How would you define "real love?" Anyone can say I love you and call and be with you all the time, but when you have been in a relationship for long periods of time and the vibe between you and the other person is very strong, its very likely that its real love: you love spending time with them all the time, you don't ever want to get off the phone with them, hearing their voice first thing in the morning makes u blush and smile, if you don't hear from them periods of time, you tend to worry or get mad and you just love how they compliment you. Those are some of the things that could trigger real love.

But God will bless you with the right person, just have faith that he/she will find you or you will find them. We all hope for love that will never end; that's everlasting like God's love.