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Saturday, April 28, 2012


It's been a long time since I've blogged on my first-born website. A lot of things has happened since last year and it's hard to recap on everything.  Between school and work and just being lazy, I've abandoned my first love, WRITING.  But there is one thing that I would like to blog about and a lot of people can relate to this topic: FAMILY FEUDS.  We all have watched the game show on tv and try to participate in the various categories and cheering the family members on.  Yes it's a game show where they compete with each other trying to win prizes, but the type of family feud that I'm talking about are the types of things that goes on between family members, near and far.

Just like in Madea's movie, One Big Happy Family, we all try to be on one accord and get along perfectly.  But in reality there are some issues that hasn't been resolved over the years or things people are unforgiving about when people say they are sorry and they don't forgive back!  That's the type of family feud I'm relating to.  What do you do when you have certain family members that judges you just by your personality or by your reactions only? Do you get revenge and start an argument just to prove your point or do you simply just remain humble about the situation?  Sides of the family plays an important role.  Whether you get along with family members on your dad's side, your mother's side, your grandmother's side or your grandfather's side, it's still consider family.  Sometimes when something is done wrong, a lot of peole like to gossip and tell one perosn who tells ten or more people.  That's how rumors get started within the family and negativity and bitterness starts to bubble up.  We all have or had some family members that has hit us up randomly just to know how we are doing or how the kids are doing.  And some of us (especially me) are like why all of a sudden they want to contact us? If they wasn't trying to reach out to you in the past, what good is it going to do by reaching out in the present or future? 

Family feuds aren't healthy and it weighs things down.  But some people and some situations will never change because some people don't know how to forgive and they are always holding grudges.  SOME THINGS GOT TO CHANGE! I guess the best option is to be on our best behavior and be polite and nice as possible.  Just keep it real and see how things go.  If a family member (s) that's close to you or isn't close to you doesn't want to forgive you, then just move on!  No need to waste negative energy and thoughts to what can you do about the situation.  That person have to change their heart for the right reason. 

Just remain humble and let the feuds go....