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Friday, October 15, 2010

"Don't Misrepresent ME...I Represent MYself!"

Don't Misrepresent me, the person I am, who I'm striving to be,
Don't Misrepresent my style, my heart, my pain , my love, things you will never see.
Don't Misrepresent the woman I'm trying to become, to follow my dreams, my goals,
You will never understand when things seems to fall apart; some things will never get old.

You see you cant Misrepresent somebody that you don't know,
You see you can Misrepresent somebody when they choose not to show.
I'm not perfect, will never be perfect, not trying to be perfect, I do me, try to be the best that I can be, the person I will be, so don't Misrepresent ME!
Don't Misrepresent my past, we all make mistakes and learn from them,
Don't Misrepresent me, if I'm not that precious sapphire or ruby gem.


I am what God has made me to be,
What He has called me to be.,

So stop judging the indefinite beauty, strong-minded, strong-hearted, sophisticated human-being.

Imma do me, Imma do me, Imma DO ME!

Stop trying to figure me out, because you will It figure everything you need to know,
i try to live my life to the fullest, taking things nice and slow.

I stand still when it comes to living in this world, living alone,
Being an independent Queen, not needing to rely on people, it has already shown.
I don't have to prove to people what a good person I am, What I am and Who I am.

Who am I? Who am I to you? Can you see on my face and in my heart the things I've been through,
Can you see the obstacles I've had to face to get to where I'm at today?
The sweetest, most caring, most respectful person some may say.

Don't Misrepresent my talent God has blessed me with,
Don't Misrepresent my change of a stronger vision when I'm about to shift.

So don't come to me with the attitude, sarcasm, evilness, when all Imma do is walk away,
And continue to live life day by day.

When enemies try and destroy my life,
When they never wanna see me do right,
All ii can do is pray day and night, day and night, day and night.

I Represent myself to the fullest,
I live my life to the fullest,
What God has blessed me with, I Represent it to the fullest!

You see no one can't pull me down when I'm so far up in the sky when i wanna get away from the world, I climb on cloud 9.
No one can't pull me down when all I wanna do is go higher, higher and higher until you can't see me anymore.

And I'll be walking through the double doors, the doors of opportunity, unity, everything brand new, I will start to see.

I only Represent me, Imma continue to do me, be me, so don't Misrepresent me, I wanna be free, set free, set free, set my soul free!

So don't Misrepresent me, I Represent myself.
I Represent myself so much that when the haters and enemies try to touch me,
It will give then a shock of reality!

You see I was built on strongness, patience, loveliness, so nobody will ever try to pull this Queen of Ya-Highness down,
I walk on the path without making a sound.

I Represent myself when people seem to not understand ,
When people say i can't when I know without a doubt that I can.
That special friend that lives above,
Giving me the strength and all the love.

I Represent myself and nobody else, nobody else, and nobody else!
Why worry about others when I got my life to live?
I don't deal with the fakeness, I'm all about the real, the realness, 100% real...200% realer, sometimes life can be such a thriller,
Walking alone in darkness,
No lights
No sun
New life, new things has already begun,
The battle I have almost won!
My mind, body and soul as one, as one, as ONE; UNITY
The encouragement and confidence that will only get through to me.

So Don't Misrepresent ME...I Represent MYself!!!

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