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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Black Men Revealed: When color plays a part!

So I was watching a quick glimpse of this TV show on TvOne called "Black Men Revealed" and the topic happened to be Dark skinned girls vs Light Skinned girls. And quite naturally this has been an issue for a long time with African American guys debating on whether dark skinned girls are better than light skinned girls or visa verse.

Honestly the color of the skin for African American females shouldn't make a difference whereas some "brothers" still use that tacky routine and method when trying to find that perfect match. Well it isn't going to happen by judging her by the color of her skin! Black is Black and brothas still don't get that until this very day.

When dating a female, whether black or white or another race, beauty should come from within! Because as soon as a guy starts judging a female based on body size, shape, hair texture, etc it becomes a huge issue. Everyone deserves a mate that is their dream person, but how she looks shouldn't matter at all. I'm tired of "brothas" choosing light skinned girls over dark-skinned girls. I'm dark-skinned so why should light or why is light better? To me, we are all the same color.

Now when it comes down to personality, it's a whole different ball game because some females can have a nasty attitude. If a female has a great personality, is a great supporter and is respectful to you, that's the girl a guy should be with. Whether dark skinned or light skinned, some of us have some type of issues within ourselves and within our heart. What does color have to do with it? #realtalk

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