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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ten Ways YOU can stay Encouraged!

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As this world gets tougher and our patience sometimes grow lower, some words of encouragement might do the trick. A lot of people in this world may wake up in the morning; their day may not being going oh-so-good and sometimes they are wishing to hear some good words that will spark up their day and get their Mojo back on the right track! Do you know someone like that or do you go through the same things?

Having someone to come into your life and speak life and healing upon you is a POWERFUL thing! We don't know what that person is going through, but only to look at their face and see the hurt, the pain, the depression, the frustration and the stress. But if you are uncertain of ways you can stay encouraged, be encouraged and live encouragely, then you have come to the right spot on my blog. I've experienced times in my life that I wanted to give up! No joke! Eyes filled with tears, crying out to God and falling to my knees because I didn't know what to do! But I thank God for my mother because she is always trying to encourage me as well as I try to encourage myself! I thank God for a praying mother and family who sticks together when I don't have no where else to go!

"For in God is our encouragement in trouble and in trials, and in suffering and in sorrow He will turn our tears to smiles"


1) As soon as you wake up in the morning and when your feet hit the floor, say a small prayer unto God to bless you on a new and refreshed day! A prayer like that gets your blessings flowing and it keeps up pumped up!

2) Think Positive, Live Positive, Be POSITIVE!! By putting this type of thought into your mind, it will learn to generate positive thoughts. Remember when you think positive, you will receive positive outcomes!

3)Always and I say ALWAYS remember to smile!!!! A smile says a whole lot about you! Especially when you are in public and your mojo is sailing high like a kite! When people see you smile, they will embrace your happiness and (hopefully) that will rub off on them!

4) Read an encouraging book! There's nothing like picking up a good book that has nothing but encouraging words inside! Joyce Meyer is an AWESOME person and author that will make your heart melt and jump for joy because her worlds are really powerful and very true. My mom is reading a book by her now entitled " The Confident Woman"

5) Listen to God's voice and not Man's voice! A lot of us have problems with this type of matter. Why? Because we sometimes rather listen to other people and listen to our heavenly Father! The world is a cruel place at times like I mentioned in my post from yesterday. Everybody isn't your friend and they will tell you anything to bring you down on their level. So if you listen to God's voice, He shall keep your spirits lifted high and He will always encourage you and protect you in the time of need!

6) Walk by faith and not by sight. This is just as important as listening to God's voice. In life we have to learn to not look for answers and evidence all the time because God wants us to have FAITH as small as a mustard seed! When we stop listening to the world and open up our hearts, we will find it a blessing to have faith!

7) Read a scripture a day or start reading a passage a day from the Bible. Eating spiritual food is very important!

8) Encourage someone else! Like I mentioned earlier, there are some people that don't feel encouraged or doesn't have people to encourage them. Trust me, when you start encouraging people by speaking good things that will motivate them, it makes you feel really good about yourself and it makes God Happy! So speaking kind words to a person or people wouldn't hurt at all!

9)Sing!!!!!! I know a lot of you like to sing, not only in the shower, but singing in the car when your favorite song comes on the radio, singing at home or even singing out in public. Whatever makes you happy and uplifted, DO IT!!!! Bring out that old CD player, cassette player and Ipod and TURN THE MUSIC UP!!!

10) Last, but not least, WRITTEEEEEEE!!!!! This is what I DO To STAY ENCOURAGED!!! I've been writing for a long time and I still do! Writing is my passion, my Definite Love of Life!!!! It's what keeps me sane sometimes lol. But realtalk, write about your problems, solutions to your problems, things that you want to change in your life, things you can improve on, work on...just write!!!!!! Keep a journal or get a blog like I have and just WRITE!!!!

Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged!!!!

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