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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Job or NO Job?"

We all live in a society where times can be hard. But there's one thing that can keep you going. A J-O-B! Now if you have a job, be thankful! With the way the economy is going and people that have jobs are getting laid off, your employer might not have given you the pink slip yet, so continue to BE THANKFUL!

Now a lot of times we may not love the job we have now or might not have the "dream job" our heart may desire, but its still a JOB! Ask yourself this question: "What do I like most about my job?" Now before you answer that question, think about the first time you became an employee at the company, was you happy, nervous or scared? Now two years later, do you still enjoy working there? If you do have a job, love what you do with a PASSION! Like I said earlier, it may not be what you want EXACTLY, buy its still a job and you're making money! Let alone, if you have bills, you have money to pay them off!

I know a lot of people went to college or an expensive university; majored in a great field, but when they graduated, they weren't able to fine a job in their field. But the one's that did, remain humble and continue to be thankful because there are people who are dying to be in your shoes right now. So if you are the one of those people that complains day in and day out about your job, stop and think about the people that are still out there searching for one!

Now if you DON'T have a J-O-B, guess what? Don't worry and Don't stress so much! What you can do is continue your job search and keep a smile on your face and remain humble! I know some people who have been unemployed for a year or more and they haven't given up hope yet. That's what you CAN'T do! NEVER GIVE UP! Whether its on the Internet of in person, keep searching, keep searching and KEEP APPLYING! Somebody will call you sooner or later to work for their company! It takes time and when the right job comes along, it will be for you!

I am unemployed once again, but I'm not giving up either! Everyday I look for jobs and the ones that interests me, I apply for it. But I remain strong and keep a humble heart.

But whether you have a job or NOT, still keep your head up! If you have a job, perform great work and remain positive and if you don't have one, keep your head up still and keep searching!

-This has been another post by Patrice-Nicole Rivers. Stay tuned for my next post entitled "What is your phone addiction?"

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