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Friday, April 8, 2011

"What is your phone addiction?"

Now imagine living in a world where there was no technology of any kind. No computers, no television sets, no video games, no digital cameras...NOTHING! NO CELL PHONES! Now cell phones is the #1 leading, most popular form of technology. Because now smart phones are getting more smarter and a lot of people are buying them. Whether it its a blackberry (crackberry), Iphone, Android, Evo, Epic or any other type of smart phone, people will stay on top of their cell phone game. Now we all have experienced some form of phone addiction every once in awhile, but really ask yourself, "What is my phone addiction?"

Your cell phone looks sleek, cool and HOT and you want to explore all the neat apps it has to offer and all the various functions of the phone. Its like a mini computer which is convenient at the tip of your fingers and you are constantly on it. How many hours a day do you spend on your smart phone? Most average people are on their cell phones from the time they get up in the morning until they go to bed at night, that's if they ever do go to bed if they don't ever set their phone down. that means your battery will only last about an hour if you are constantly on it. Ask yourself this, "What is my favorite part about being on my cell phone?" Its not all about taking plenty of pictures or inserting different appointments in your calendar, but its mainly about checking your email, texting back and forth and most importantly, instant messaging and going on your favorite social networking sites. Everyone has at least ONE of these addictions that they aren't proud of. However, there is a way you can cure the addiction without having to be on the cell phone that much.


Of course we all have that luxury of setting up our personal/home and work email address to our phones. The minute that happens, you are constantly checking it and responding to emails throughout the day. Now if you were at your work computer or at home and you check your email, its a little different because you aren't constantly at your computer responding to emails; whereas you can bring all your emails with you on the smart phone. A lot of people just don't know when to stop at one point and find themselves in a stressful bind because they don't let their emails or phone rest. People feel that they have to check it right away because they have that option to do so and because its already on their phone, they'll do it anyways for the sake of it. When downloading, you want everything, especially when downloading music from free sites or maybe the latest ringtones. You aren't just going to download one or two, but it becomes a habit. One popular feature about smart phones are the applications. Before you know it, you have about 30 apps installed, but would you really use them all?


This has got to be the #1 leading addiction throughout the United States. Phone-calling isn't as popular, but its always easier to send a text because 95% of the time, you get a quicker response. Now answer this: " How many times do you normally text or receive texts a day?" Most people would say over 50 texts received and texting over 30 times. Quite naturally it is very easy to conduct a WHOLE conversation through texting without too much interruptions when you try to call that person.

Social Networking:

We all have that one favorite networking site we love to go on every single day. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Hi-5 or maybe Friendster. the top two popular sites are Facebook and Twitter. With these smartphones having these apps, it makes tweeting and facebooking a lot more easier ince you can take it on the go. But it still gets a little addicting because a lot of people are constantly tweeting or facebooking making a new post. You forget what is going on around you because at that present moment or time, the only thing that's important is responding to a tweet, retweeting someones tweet or changing your status on facebook. How often do you get on these sites? Tweeting on the job is a big addiction because then you will NEVER get anything done. this goes for instant messaging as well.

But we all have one type of addiction on our smart phone. You might not be proud of it like I mentioned earlier, but there are ways to decrease them. I wanted to find something on the Internet that talks about cell phone addictions and I came across this great article on that talks about the top 10 signs of cell phone addictions. You will be amazed at some of these.

Top 10 Signs of Cell Phone Addictions:

1) Using the phone in the bathroom

2) Feeling a little panic when you notice your phone isn't in your purse/pocket

3) Meeting people with the same phone as you and you can only talk about your phone

4) When you break your phone, you feel sad and depressed

5) The battery only last a half of day

6) Cutting back on necessities to pay your cell phone bill

7) Reading about your phone on your phone

8) Having alarms telling you to do everything in your life

9) Having 30 apps installed and use them all

10) Spending more on accessories than on your phone

Does any of these signs apply to you? If it does, don't be embarrassed because we have all gone through one or more of these phases. But in reality, we should realize its only a phone, but sometimes phones are treated as human-beings. One way that you can decrease your cell phone addictions is trying to use it more LESS. Meaning PUT THE PHONE DOWN sometimes! You don't always have to have it in your hand! Also you can reduce the usage of your phone such as ttexting less, spending LESS time tweeting or checking emails. That way you can save your battery usage so that you will have enough "juice" to make an important phone call if you have to. Try some of these things, it may work.....and for some, it may not! I have to admit, I had an addiction problem with my smart phone. I would ALWAYS be on twittter like it was my life! I would loose sleep because I was always tweeting and reading my timeline. I remember last may on memorial day, I dropped my phone on the kitchen floor of my house and the phone middle piece of my phone where the trackball was at broke and I thought it was the end of the world! I was sooo sad and depressed because I could BBM people! But I got over my addiction and now it doesn't bother me too much.

You will be amazed once you find a cure or solution for your addiction and your life will soon be back on track the way it was before!

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