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"Commmitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer" -Marcia Wieder

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"STOP Procrasinating, Just do it!"

When opportunities comes knocking at the door, you better answer it with open arms! God sends us opportunities everyday and sometimes we don't even realize it. He gives us opportunities to make all of our dreams come true if we really put out mind to it filling our heads with good ideas that may lead to long-term goals, etc. But when you have a clear understanding of your goals and dreams....GO FOR IT! REACH FOR THE SKY! Nothing is holding you back! Get to work!

You wake some mornings and realize that you haven't written Chapter One of your new book and in your mind you want to have it finished in six months. So every morning, every afternoon and every night you walk pass your coffee table and stare at the blank pages of possibilities. You carry on with your life journey realizing you have a huge project to complete. Procrastinating can be about anything whether its writing a book, going to the gym, making a doctors appointment, cleaning the house, doing yard work, calling a friend, etc. The more you put your task (s) off, the more guilty you will start to feel. But the sooner you get it done, the less relieved you will start to become. I know there are times when we feel lazy and we don't feel like doing anything,but at some point of time, we have to accomplish what we plan to do. So the next time you have a task to do and you have a thought about putting it off til later, tell yourself this: "No! I will not let this slide! I'm going to complete this task and succeed at it!"

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