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Saturday, September 21, 2013


A lot of relationships go through this thing called jealousy. It's like a drug that attacks the mind when another male or female specie gets too close.  But why do people in some relationships get jealous? 
I feel as if it's a little insecure issue of one's territory that leads them up to these irrelevant issues

I find it perfectly normal to be jealous, but don't always let your mate know every single detail of what's going on in your mind.  For instance, if your boyfriend is going on a lunch date with one of his co-workers to discuss an upcoming project, in the back of your mind, you may feel jealous, but if there is trust involved, your relationship will work out just fine.

Here is a senerio

Angela and Johnathan have been dating for three years and the two them have been discussing the idea of getting married soon.  Johnathan who is a construction worker for a huge company has been talking to another chick who works at the bank across the street.  They have been spending a lot of days and evenings together.  On the other hand, Angela trusts her man when he does come home late at night, but one day she found a letter in one of his pockets from another woman.  Angela confronts Johnathan, but he denies it stating that he met a woman who secretly has a crush on him.  

So in this particular case, what shall Angela do?  Should she be too concerned and jealous or should she continue to trust Johnathan and continue making wedding arrangements? 

Just remember in any relationship, there will be times where you feel jealous, but it's about how you control those feelings and not get out of control to the point where your partner decides not to be with you anyone.

Lady P


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