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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Can Twitter ruin your reputation?

A tweet so threatning and hostile can cause people including your followers to question your personality and of course your background.  With 140 characters to express how you feel, say what's on your mind or to even promote a business, why not make it tasty instead of proving to people how tough you can be.  When you only see a picture and a tweet, some people may feel like they can do and say anything; ever heard of people reporting tweeters that may harm others who may feel their tweet(s) are appropiate?

How about when you have over 1,000 followers and some people who are hooked on their numbers tweet that they need more followers? Social media has taken over the minds of humans where they are sucked into another world where they feel this is the only place to let loose and to vent.  Yes this may seem true, but remember people are watching! Even the professional hackers who are on the other end trying to scoop up information on you for job preferences. Yes jobs-----the thing people want and to keep, to hold on to their career.  How can one ever hold on to their good job if they are tweeting reckless and becoming hostile to people? Not only on twitter, but on facebook as well.  I was told that even when you try to clear your name from all the dirt you have done or said on social media, you can delete it, but it's not deleted PERMENENTLY! Somewhere in the system are your threats, your curse words to other people or inappropriate pictures that you were ashamed of.  It's really scary and really serious.  People have lost their jobs over this.  

So let me ask the question, what is your purpose when dealing with Twitter or any other social media? Is it to tweet and update fun stautes or is it to promote your work and network? Whatever it is, your reputation is in play and like I mentioned earlier, people are watching, even though they don't say anything to you directly, they are thinking assumptions in the back of your mind.  

Make your social media experiences a good one! 

Lil Woman On A Mission

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