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Monday, January 27, 2014


Brand new year! So treat yourself and go all out! Don't worry about the stress that sits upon your raging eyebrows and all you want to do is scream at the top of your lungs!

There may be times where you want to fight out all of your battles with hurting words, but it's best to just ignore it and block all negativity!  No need to cry anymore over the same things previous years ago, because then you won't be able to move on to bigger and better things.  The years aren't getting younger, but it's moving on--no matter what.  Time waits on no one, so it's best to bring more positivity into your life instead of stressing out over nothing.

Tips to Blocking out all the Negativity

1) When things seems to get heated in the situation, get out of there FAST!. This means do not under any circumstances entertain the negativity!

2) Think positive thoughts.  Sometimes when you have either dealt with negative people or a negative situation, it's best to cool down by thinking positive thoughts instead of moping and thinking about the negative things.  It's unhealthy!

3) Excersise! A great way to staying stress-free is to hit the gym a few times a week.  Your health is the most important so it's not healthy to be depressed and stressed on a daily basis.

Never give in to the cruelty of the world, so focus on the future and surround yourself with postive people in your circle!  When you move forward with life and positive vibes are entering your heart is a taste of pure reality and inner peace! Stay with the inner peace and never allow a negative person to destroy your persona!

Stay motivated!

Lil Woman on A Mission

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