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Monday, January 20, 2014

Visualize your Visions

It's a brand new year and you  are still jotting down in your journal about what goals and visions you want to accomplish.  It's time to put those visions to the starting line of the race and see how far you can go with it!  Yes we all sometimes procrasinate....sometimes and put off important things on our to-do list and wait to the last minute to meet our goal or goals.  Just like that Everest commericial about going back to school, it's finally time to take charge of your destiny and live up to your visions!

One of my visions is to start my own business.  I have never dreamed of exactly visionalizing it, but I feel it's something that would be good at as far as branding myself and letting the world know who the real Patrice Rivers is.  When you have a goal, stick to it! That means if you have to write them on sticky notes and putting them on your bathroom mirror while brushing your teeth in the morning just for great motivation then do so.

There are lots of great tips to accomplishing your visions.  All is takes is great discipline and FOCUS!

1) Instead of writing down the number of months to achieve your goal (s), how about doing a little background research and jotting down some better ways to move forward with your visions? Each day you can write down in a notebook on what steps you can take to make your dreams come true

2) Go over your visions with people that you trust, such as family members and friends and listen to what they have to say about our visions.  You never know, they may spark a new idea with the ones you already have.  Two heads are better than one! 

3) When you wake up in the morning (after your morning prayer) repeat your visions to yourself with 100 % confidence!  The more you say it, the more focused and determined you will become at achieving your vision (s) All it takes is patience and strong faith!

Continue to visualize what is put in your heart and let your instincts do the rest.  But stop procrasinating and do it! You will soon realize that once you living your dreams, things will start to go smoother and you can soon  relax and enjoy what God has intended for you to begin with!


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