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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"It's all about WHO you know, not WHAT you know"

As we all know, the economy is stressful and the people without work are some-what stressing that they aren't able to find a job. We hope that will get better and the people without a job will get one real soon.

But let's not give up hope, but remember to keep the faith. Some of the popular search engines in finding a job may be Careerbuilder, Career Connection, CraigsList, Job.Com or When searching for a job, make sure you focus is in the area of your interest. As you already know, when searching for a job, its about WHO you kknow instead of WHAT you know. Sad, but very true! I remember my last job for the government, my mom's friend knew somebody and BAM! I got the temp position. But you have to meet that RIGHT person that will guide you in the right direction and get you connection to the right jobs.

After graduating from college, a lot of college grads are fortunate in working at their place of internship or even to get a job ofger, while others may not be so lucky. But that's ok because you can sit back and enjoy the summer while searching for a job.

And even if you can't find something within a couple of months, then volunteering is a GREAT way of getting your foot in the door. That is a key factor! Once you have been exposed to different companies, people will realize what a good aset you are to their company and many times they wil hire you. But like I said earlier, it's about WHO you know.

NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK is a MUST. If you are hungry in finding a job, you got to be on your grind and hustle for what you want. Remember to be persistent and learn to follow-up on the jobs that you are applying for. Also try going to job fairs often and network with the companies to see how far you get. You never know what you will get out of it!

But whatever you do, don't stress! Don't worry! Remain strong! God will bless you with the RIGHT job at the RIGHT time!

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