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Monday, October 18, 2010

"Good-Bye 2010...Hello 2011"

Each year we all plan our dreams/goals and also our accomplishments of what we all want to follow up on. Whether it is to write a book, create a website, graduate from school, get a new job or change for the best, we strive and press toward the mark to get to where we want to go in life.

As the year slowly ends and as Thanksgiving and Christmas rolls around the corner, we look back over the months of 2010 and see what things we most remembered or the things that has hurt us in the few months. You know the old saying "Leave the past in the past?" Well that's true, but we also have to keep in mind that we have to learn from our mistakes and move on to higher expectations. 'Man this year sure has flown by" some of you may say. It just seems like time is ticking and we are getting older and wiser each and everyday. If someone was to ask you this question: "What was the most memorable thing in the year of 2010?" What would your answer be and why?

A lot of people don't make New Year Resolutions because most of us don't tend to follow them, but we all know what has to be done in the upcoming year. "A time for new beginnings." This is a true statement because a lot of us didn't really have a great year. Maybe because of you got laid off or fired from your job, you lost a close relative/friend, you been in a car accident, you thought you were going to move into a new house/apartment but you couldn't, etc, but look on the bright side, you still made it! You are still here! Things might not go accordingly to your plan, but God always has the last say-so in everything.

If this wasn't the best year for you, don't worry! All you have to do is keep running the race of life, keep the faith and remain strong and everything will work out just fine! Some goals or dreams that you made for this year can always carry over in 2011. Some goals/dreams may be long-term ones and may require more time and focus, but I believe that you can do it!!! (Smile)

So as we almost say good-bye to 2010, lets prepare our hearts and minds for 2011 and let the upcoming year be a very good one for us!

Remember, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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