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Thursday, October 28, 2010

"The Greatest Love"

What is "your" definition of Love? When you think about love, what thoughts run through your mind when you think about it?

"Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own" -Robert A. Heinlein

The love that is expressed in relationships can sometimes be the most painful kind because we tend to experience the heartaches and headaches. Especially when our heart is broken. When people say "I LOVE YOU", we wonder do they really mean it or are they just saying that because it sounds good., In a relationship, we want to make that bond and connection so that everything goes smoothly.

Why are there so much pain when people say that they love u and later, they change their mind? We could be with someone for five years; everything seems to go great, until something goes wrong and a break-up is on the way. How many times you have been in love and can honestly say that person loved you back?

Well guess what? When the world has stopped loving you and relationships don't go right or that "special" person has stopped loving you, God is the GREATEST Love!! He will never leave you or forsake you! No matter what you are going through, God will be right there to comfort you! He has your back 100% and God NEVER stops loving us! The world's love may be temporary, but God's love is ETERNAL!!!

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