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Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Love Series" Part 2 "Women in Relationships" Pst #3 "Concerned Ego"

Why shall one be on each other's mind?
With our deep thoughts and strong-minded ways,
Trying to figure out what's on your mind while still in a gaze.
While our hearts are filled with the on-going vibes and the unwanted contentment that shows on your face,
Just trying to understand the true deal, your deepest blues without getting on your case.

With the concerned look and the worries that lies on our soul,
The stress or heavy burdens that temporarily fold.
Is it our job to be concerned, to be worried without putting up a fight?
Waiting for the answer that we wanna hear, let us comfort your anger and ease your heart; whole staying up with you til the morning light.

Don't push us away when things aren't over or quite solved,
We might be fussy at times or nag a lil, but at the end of the day, we try to care about feelings, your feelings, no arguing after all.

Why are we concerned about the way you say things when we assume you are getting mad?
Lending our heart and mind, things that makes you glad.

Don't push the ego away, the concerned ego,
Who wants to be deep in your mind, in your thoughts,
the late-night frustrations and stress you have fought.

Don't push a good thing too the side when you're struggling with life's issues,
And no cards and balloons saying 'I miss you"
Don't ever forget a good thing going when you're in the mix of a storm, a problem, or a crazy time, don't just say no,
You better make time for a woman's concerned ego!

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