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Friday, November 5, 2010

Part II "Women in Relationships" Post #1 "That Hea Woman"

Look over there, that independent Diva chick standing on the side, looking fly, swagga so right,

This woman can't be missed, she's always in sight.

She knows what she wants in life, strives for it, believes in it, achieves in it,

The things she does to reach her goals will surely benefit.

That Hea Woman

Man she stands on her own two feet, does what she gotta do, she gets the job done,

The Battle she is fighting in her live, with God on her side, she has already won!

She doesn't look back at her past mistakes but keeps it moving; has a smile upon her face,

Steady on her grind, she has no time to waste.

That Hea Woman

She doesn't choose just any man that's laying around, but chooses a good man, the RIGHT man, Someone who will cherish her like gold, treats her like the Queen she is, someone who understands.

Not quick to get into drama of the world, more of a listener and an observer, she's too smart for that,

Not like these loud-mouthed, no good wanna-be Divas, she knows how to act!

That Hea Woman

She ain't afraid to speak her mind,

Look at that Diva to the left and to the right, she's one-of-a-kind.

Rolling the red carpet down the aisle because of her true fame, her unique game,

You better not disrespect her or put her to shame!

That Hea Woman

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