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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Love Series" Part One "Love" Post #4 "The Five Stages of Love"

When you are involved in a relationship or when talking to someone, you have to start from scratch and work your way up. When you start talking to someone, what's the first thing you do or ask to start the spark?

Well here is a breakdown of the Five Stages of Love in a relationship.

Stage One Attraction: There has to be some sort of attraction when you like somebody beyond friendship. You normally start becoming that person's friend then oven the months, things may change. I discovered that there are two types of attraction: Physical attraction and emotional attraction.

Physical attraction forms when bodies make contact or when both people develops a connection of one's image. All types of feelings start to form in you mind whereas your heart rate may increase or your palms may get sweaty.

Emotional attraction occurs when the two of you start to share some things the two of you may have in common such as hobbies, movies, education, etc. You will then start to form an emotional contact.

Stage Two Romance: Everyone tries to be romantic in their relationship to impress the other person and to basically satisfy one's needs. Did you know there are two types of romance.? Well if you didn't know, they are selfish and selfless romance.

When dealing with selfish romance, a person may buy gifts or do romantic things. It's basically doing romantic acts to gain something for yourself. You aren't really thinking of the other person's feelings.

On the other hand, selfless romance is when you do things to win someones happiness. The romantic things you do for your partner is basically out of the enjoyment and pleasure.

Stage Three Passion: This stage is basically a desire between two people that goes beyond an emotional attraction. It's like a strong feeling; a connection of some sort. The passion stage is very important in a relationship.

Stage Four Intimacy: This is where you share your most deepest thoughts and feelings to each other. It could be as deep as sharing your fears. At this point, you are opening up and releasing anything that's in you mind to each other. You should be able to trust your partner to a point that becoming intimate shouldn't be a problem.

Stage Five COMMITMENT: This is a very, very, very IMPORTANT part of a relationship. It's a pledge to one another to remain true and honest to one another. When you are making a commitment, you are agreeing to be there with your partner through the good times and the bad times. What makes a commitment hard at times is dealing with the bad times. You will have to learn how to outweigh the bad times along with the good!


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