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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Your Love ..." Part One "Love" Post #5

Your love is an example of how the passion keeps the fire,

Your love is the true divine of one's heart desire.

Your love is what makes me feel good even when I'm sad,

Your love isn't just out of the ordinary, it doesn't try to make me mad.

Your love is what multiplies my pain and weakness that makes me even stronger,

Your love isn't a rush for our commitment, we can wain even longer.

Your love isn't a vacancy between true feelings of what's real and fake,

Your love doesn't argue over the feelings of intimacy, it doesn't debate; it distinguishes a strong bond, your love tries to make.

Your love always puts a smile upon my face when times have changed and darkness falls,

Your love reminds me how high it will take me and never shall I fall.

Your love deepens my mind, body and soul to a point that I'm speechless,

Your love doesn't try to take over, it works together, I appreciate this.

Your love is here to stay, it will never leave my side,

Your love is something that I can't ever ensurely deny.

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