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Monday, November 1, 2010

"Love Series" Part I: "Love" Post #3; "Love vs Lust"


As I continue to explore the whole theory on Love and try to express my opinions, I want to let you know that love isn't just a 4-letter word as a lot of you may know. Behind that word, there are strong feelings, passionate thoughts, hurt, pain, tear, insecurities, etc

Love has many faces and it shows different personalities. We all go through many emotions, the frustrations, the worries, the stress and even the happiness when dealing with love. I asked the question, "What is your definition of love?" in one of my latest posts from last week. Basically in my opinion, Love is the passion; a true divine feeling expressed between two people.

As you already know, "Love is patient, Love is kind..," so basically when you experience "True Love," you got to realize the hard work that is put into it to make it last.

Real Love vs Fake Love

Okay we all have experience both types in our lifetime. It's pretty simple to determine when love is here to stay for good or whether love is here to stay for a season.

Real Love

Everyone in their life have been in love/experienced the "Real Deal" If you haven't you will someday. Can you even remember the first time you fell in love? Long time huh? I remember my first love when I was 18. It's a great feelings. Taking me out to the movies and out to eat, buying me gifts~! He had me geeked for sure! lol It's all about how you show you love and appreciation for that person. It's more then saying "I love you." You got to show that person why you love them so much and show them that you are here to stay. When you are in a "committed" relationship, you tend to develop strong feelings and you way of thinking tend to change when it's real love, it's hear to stay, You are no longer thinking just about yourself, but for the other person as well. You share a relationship, a commitment, a bond...One Love...REAL LOVE.

Fake Love

What's more worst than loving somebody who claim they don't love you back? Like I said before, people are quick to say "I love you." This type of love shows no desire of any intention of full-filling a true commitment. No work goes into the relationship and therefore one person is left to not believing in love. I'm not saying you have to spend time with your mate 24/7 or buy gifts all the time, but try and show you appreciation and affection once in a while. Fake love leeches on to an individual for numerous of reasons. One of them may be so that they can abuse your love without loving back. They may be in relationship for insecurity reasons and then leave the relationship with no explanation.

The Five Types of Love

Alot of you may not know the different types of love and the difference between then. Here they are:

1) Eros: This type of love is a passionate love with a sensual desire. It doesn't necessary have to be a sexual type of love either.

So basically if you like someone or have your eye on a particular person, you may experience a passionate love for that person.

2) Philia: This type of love is expressed as a friendship type of love and it's also a type of love that is used between family and friends.

A lot of times when you experience the closeness in a friendship or with family, you feel the love and you express it through appreciation.

3) Agape: This means "I love You" and is a general affection or brotherly love, "divine" love and a sacrificing love.

We all know the scripture in the Bible "love thy neighbor..." This is a type of love shown between our Christian brothers and sisters.

4) Storge: This type of love is an "affectionate" love and is expressed towards parents and relationships within family.

We should all be familiar with this type of love.

5) Thelema: This type of love means having a desire for something.

In other words, what do you love doing the most? Is it making beats to music, writing poetry, or collect antiques? Whatever it is, you have a desire, a love for it.


What is your definition of Lust? A lot of people have their own interpretations and opinion of what is the real definition is. The real definition of lust is "a craving for sexual intercourse; an appetite; a desire or "craving"

Basically when you're dealing with lust, you're dealing with evilness, jealousy, anger, cravings and all types of desires. You aren't looking for a relationship, because your feelings for that person isn't about "getting to know them," its about "getting with them."

What leads to Lust?

When you develop a lust for someone, you're not thinking about their feelings, but the "physical" attraction a person may portray in their image. For females, it may be a guy's chest, their abs, lips, eyes or frames and for males, it may be her body, smile, eyes etc.

When the attraction is full-filled for one another, it's kind of hard to control those emotional feelings that are developed. It doesn't take much for lust to occur because its like the easy way outta love and the only way to skip straight to dessert. Lust only lasts for a couple of hours and then afterwards, you may feel a little guilty or resentful. You are giving a piece of yourself to a stranger or somebody you may know then to be with someone for the right reasons and giving them all of you.

The Bible states in Corinthians in the love chapter; it breaks down what love is. But did you know Lust has an opposite break down as well? For Example: "Love is patient." and Lust is saying "Lust can't wait; its impulsive." According to; this is basically saying that Lust has to happen right then and there. It has no timing or life-long goals. "Love is kind." Lust is saying that it seeks more than earned. When you are out looking for Lust, you are only searching for the sexual desire that's already developed.

Three Ways to Prevent Lust

1) Determine what you want from that person. Whether you want a relationship or just lust.

2) Try to play hard to get sometimes. Don't let everyone know that you are "easy access" to them.

3) Have your limitations with people. Don't let people get the best of you.

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