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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Love Series" Part II "Women in Relationships" Pst #2 "What a Woman Looks/Wants in a Man:Above n Beyond"

A female is window shopping for a birthday gift for one of her girlfriends. She spots a nice sweater and decides to go inside to look at the price and sizes. A sales clerk walks up to her to see if she needed any assistance. The female looks up and the first thing she notice about the sales clerk is his______________.

Now what would your answer be Ladies? What is the first thing you notice about a man or when a man approaches you?

A lot may run through your mind as to picking out the best answer. It may be their clothes , how their hair is lined up, the kind of shoes they wear or their eyes. Most females will notice a guy's eye first. A saying I remember growing up was "You can tell a lot about a guy by looking in their eyes." Yet that may be true to some , but it's what females may see; getting a glimpse of a man. Personally for me, the first thing I notice when I see a man are their eyes. It's just something about them that gets my attention. But whatever you notice first ladies about a man, there will be some type of attraction to follow.

A Females Wants/Qualities in a Man

C'Mon Ladies! Now we all have that list of what we want in a man. Let's dust off that list and drag it out of our personal box and let's look at that list again. It's a reminder of when we are dating a guy in what we see as the most important quality of a man. We don't want any type of guy, but someone who meet our standards and shares of of those qualities that are very important to us. Some of our lists may be short, simple and sweet while others may have about 20 items listed. And that's OK because when you list down those qualities, it gives us an idea. But whatever they are, its very important that we distinguish what we cherish the most about a man and most importantly, the relationship itself and if the man can perform well , We know there is no such thing as the perfect man, BUT we know what we want IN a man. Let's examine some of those important qualities that a lot of females want in a man.

"Good Personality." The way a man carries themselves represents themselves, acts towards certain situations are some of the things that may distinguishes a "good personality' If a man is intelligent, smart, loyal, good-hearted, these are some traits that may lead up to a good personality as well. It's mainly about how a man carries themselves Ladies that are important.

"Communication" OMG! Now if you don't have this on your list, you are missing out on the MAIN ingredient in a relationship and within a person. How many of you ladies want a man that knows how to hold a decent conversation, who can talk to you about ANYTHING, who can tell you straight forward when there are change of plans? A relationship CAN'T function properly unless there is COMMUNICATION involved! I don't care if you been in a relationship with the same guy for 4 years. If there isn't NO communication whatsoever, it will sink FAST!

"Good Listener" We all have stories to tell when we get off from work and when we get back home. The first thing you wanna do is pick up the phone and call him because you know that he will listen. When a man listens to your problems and your needs, it means that he actually cares what you have to say! Most men AREN'T good listeners, so they tend to have a hard time comforting their soul mate and give out pointers/suggestions. You want to be able to talk to your man and be comfortable with the fact he will listen to you no matter what. Ladies, we tend to get emotional from time to time, so comfort and a shoulder to cry on is very important and a man should be able to performs those tasks in a relationship.

Here is my List of Qualities I want in a Man. Are some of these same ones on your list?


1) Great Personality

2) Good sense of Humor

3) Mature

4) Communication

5) REAL/Honesty

6) Produces 50% in a relationship

7) Good listener

8) Respectful

9) Romantic

10) Fun

What defines a REAL Man?

We all want a soul mate that will bring spark , great attitude and hard work into a relationship. But at the same time, we want a break-down of what realness should be about , what it should look like and how it should feel like.

What is your definition of a REAL MAN? Is it how he respects your whole persona? The way he communicates with you day in day out? When he admits his makes when he's wrong? When he shows his REAL emotions to you when he comforts you in the midnight hour?

The definition of a REAL man goes above and beyond. He doesn't just settle for less, but tries to meet every need for his mate. He tries in everything that he does and doesn't quit until the job is done. The faithful image he tries to pertain and won't stop until she's happy and satisfied.

Ladies, we all have our say-so moments when it comes to meeting guys and as females, we set high-standards for ourselves. So the next man that walks into your life, make sure he learns to value your needs and dignity!

"We don't settle for less because we deserve BETTER

We don't take mess from any guy, we are QUEENS

We rely on ourselves and don't rely on MAN

We are one of a kind like special pearls and rubies that are precious in his SIGHT"

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